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[English Version] SUSENJI SHAKE Meal Replacement low calories Protein Powder Cocoa Drink

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Susenji Shake (16 sachets x 35g, 140kcal each)

Choosing the right meal replacement is very important!

It should meet the requirements of body management and maintaining a healthy stomach

Our Susenji Shake can meet your requirements

Especially if you frequently experience gastric pain and bloating

Susenji Shake Originated from Japanese formulation [three types of protection]

The unique Tri-P Factor can well protect your stomach mucosa thus nourish, moisten and strengthen the stomach. 

It is also high in protein and high in satiety

Only 140kcal to replace your normal meal.    

It is also delicious chocolate flavor and oatmeal and low in calories 🍫

Helps us to protect the stomach in addition helping with good body management!

Suitable for:
• People who are too busy for breakfast/ skipped breakfast
• Bad eating habits, irregular meals
• Imbalance diet
• People who consume too many refined foods (high in calories, fats and sugar)

•Vegetarian / Pregnant women


• Boost metabolism

• Promotes fat metabolism and fat burning

• Increase muscle mass and reduce fat

• Controls body weight

• Provides energy and satiety

• Reduce appetite and calories absorption

• Don't need to skip meals to lose weight

• No weight rebound

• Balanced nutrition

100% Vegan and No Sugar added 


1. Add 250ml of room temperature/ cold water to shaker cup

2. Pour 1 sachet of Susenji Shake into shaker

3. Shake well and consume immediately

Can be consumed to replace any meal of the day

🏆 Asia Honesty Product Award - SUSENJI SHAKE

This is not an ordinary meal replacement. Let SUSENJI SHAKE become your daily routine 

Let you enjoy delicious, healthy and convenient breakfast in your busy morning !