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[English Version] SUENJI SCULPT Firming Lotion Fat Burner Roller ball

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Susenji Sculpt Firming Lotion (1 tube x 100g)


SUSENJI Third Generation Topical Slimming 

Upgraded from GEL to LOTION

SUSENJI SCULPT, the third generation of topical slimming, will be launched soon!

A fat-burning lotion 🧴 that helps you achieve a slimming effect easily! 

Targets the three main effects of decomposing fat - burning fat - firming and moisturizing! 

The fat-burning LOTION that helps you burn fat even when you're lying down and sleeping!

Recommended for thighs, tummy fats, arms, jawline, double chin.

Comes with medical grade roller balls on the tube for ease of massaging.


- Burn subcutaneous fat

- Firms the skin

- Dilute stretch marks and fat lines

- Improve cellulite

- Non-greasy and non-stick

- Moisturizing and hydrating

- Five pharmaceutical grade roller balls

- Quickly absorbed into the skin

How to use : 

1. Uncap Susenii Sculpt and twist applicator to dispense lotion.

2. Roll on desired area in circular motions gentlyApply slight pressure and roll upwards 

3. Use the gel twice daily, once in the morning and once after shower at night. You may reapply throughout the day


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